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Name Instructor Course Date The Story of an Hour Kate Chopin’s The Story of an Hour tells the story of a repressed woman who is delighted with the idea of being free after hearing the news of her spouse’s death. The story which takes place in a short span tackles several leitmotifs around the construct of marriage and the need of a woman’s independence in this period. The central theme revolves around the key character, Louise, which is the joy of liberation or freedom from the traditional norms of marriage. The theme is very resonant in the story as the reader experiences the transition of Mrs. Mallard’s reactions towards the passing of her spouse. She experiences an internal conflict of emotions that range from grief upon hearing the news to creeping joy that fills her as she realizes the newfound independence. Chopin utilizes literary realism and naturalism to depict the story according to the realities of this conservative period. She depicts the reality of a male-dominated culture through Mrs. Mallard surviving in this society where a woman is subservient to their partner and marriage. Chopin illustrates a woman’s desire and vision to have individuality and freedom in a society and time where this was considered unorthodox. The theme of The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin is the joy of freedom and liberation away from the restrictions of marriage or marital responsibilities. Mrs. Mallard’s reaction towards the news of her spouse’s demise shows a sense of joy and happiness as she envisions a life of freedom and independence. “She said it over and over…free, free, free!” (Chopin 757). Before the death of her companion, she viewed her life

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