leadership topics listed below for education for nurses

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Personal Development Plan: Emotional Intelligence Name Institution Affiliation Abstract Inspired by the buzz around emotional intelligence, this paper provides a personal development plan for teaching novice nurses to grow their core emotional intelligence skills. These skills are self-regulation, motivation, social skills, empathy, and self-awareness. The competencies were selected because they help novice nurses to understand their emotions, honestly gauge their weaknesses and strengths, and work hard to overcome these weaknesses. Additionally, these competencies are vital for nurses considering the technicality of their profession and need of experience. While basing its focus on these five essential skills, this paper finds that novice nurses should show a genuine desire to embrace changes and become better nurses and leaders. Such genuine desire is possible through a series of actions such as working under a mentor, being assertive and confident, exercising self-examination, taking responsibility, being sensitive to the work environment, learning from past mistakes, managing stressful workplace conditions, and embracing continuous improvement. Keywords: self-regulation, motivation, social skills, empathy, self- awareness Introduction My journey as a nurse leader is full of several learning opportunities. Though many years have passed now, I still remember when I first got a job as a trainee nurse at a local hospital with vivid recollection. Coming from a class or theory-based situation to a real-life hospital situation was not easy for me. I found myself inadequate due to the immense pressure coming from my seniors as well as the high expectations from

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