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Leadership Studies Name Institution Leadership Studies Effective Teamwork Effective teamwork defines the successful collaboration of individuals who form a group and contribute individual skills to achieve a joint team goal. Characteristically, effective teamwork is achieved through a team’s commitment to a common goal, selfless participation of team members in tasks, efficient utilization of ideas, considerate decision making, and well-organized communication. Goals that result in effective teamwork must be of common interest with all team members willing to contribute to their achievement. The teams must develop working relationships that must be based on commitment, cooperation, participation, satisfaction, learning, and growth. As explained by McCloud (2016), the effectiveness of teamwork in a group can be witnessed in working relationships where every member has a defined role and acts accountable towards the role. Other than these, there must be heterogeneity in skills, but which must be conceited towards a unified goal. Lastly, there must be shared leadership and clear communication systems to ensure smooth impaction of processes. Interpersonal Collaboration Interpersonal collaboration involves the cooperative approach of individual workers or business persons with the aim of achieving common goals. Because such cooperation consists of sharing of responsibilities for outcomes, the acts must be based on mutuality, mutual goals, shared responsibilities, sharing of resources, and voluntary contribution. At the individual level, the success of interpersonal collaborations rests on mutual intent, ability to listen, respect for other participants,

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