Language, Literary, and Dramatic Techniques Used in The Tempest

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The Tempest, a romantic comedy was written around 1610-1611 by William Shakespeare before his retirement from the theater. The title of the play symbolically represents the emotional and psychological uproar faced by most of the characters. The main themes discussed in the book are repentance and forgiveness. Shakespeare wrote most of The Tempest using Iambic pentameter whereby each complete line contains ten syllables both accented and unaccented. He also included prose passages in his play, for characters with lower social classes to bring out the theme of social class and power. This paper analyses the different language, literacy and dramatic techniques employed by Shakespeare in The Tempest while moving from scene to scene. Act 1: Scene 1 Imagery by the use of sounds of lighting and thunder at the beginning of the play bring out a dramatic effect that sparks the interest of the audience. Repetition of words brings out emphasis in a play such as when Gonzalo bids farewell to his wife and children because of the storm. “We split, we split!” (Shakespeare n.p). The repetition of these words also brings out a dramatic effect. The Tempest at the beginning of the play symbolizes the suffering endured by Prospero, which he wishes to inflict on his enemies. It also symbolizes the power of his magic and its potential. Act 1: Scene 2 The aside is a literary technique used by playwrights where the character addresses the audience without involving the other characters. It usually indicates some form of conspiracy or deceit, allowing the audience to acquire more details that most of the characters on stage are unaware of. Miranda utilizes the aside at the beginning of the

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