Lady Sings the Blues (1972) (about Billie Holliday)

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Lady Sings the Blues (1972) (about Billie Holliday) 1Give a brief biographical sketch of the principal character/musician. Eleanora Fagan, famously known by her stage name Billie Holiday, was an American jazz musician and songwriter that had an imposing influence on pop singing and jazz music. Her career spanned almost three decades, with a vocal delivery and unique skills that made many Americans love her music. Despite her lack of formal training in music, Holiday became a household name and pioneered new ways of doing jazz music that was popularized by her voice. Holiday had a disturbing childhood that was characterized by a rape ordeal, in addition to being arrested later on for prostitution. She grew up in abject poverty and set off to look for work in clubs. Later she auditioned for a club in Harlem that exposed her to the world of both blues and jazz (Furie). Before long, Holiday became a darling of the clubs in Harlem, and this newfound fame catapulted her to major contracts and ultimately led her to work with great producers and jazz writers, such as John Hammond. 2Socially and musically, how is the principal character/musician portrayed? Holiday’s life can be analyzed from two perspectives: musically and socially. From a musical perspective, Holiday is portrayed as an expressive singer, full of emotions. Holiday fought off many challenges through her musical prowess, ranging from racism to sexism. For instance, one of her most successful songs titled ''Strange Fruit'' portrayed a powerful story about African American lynching in the South (Furie). Her singing was unique and her stage presence communicated a self-assured woman at the peak of her career.

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