Lab 7 – Investigating Sexual selection

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Name: Supervisor: Course: Date: Lab 7-Investigating Sexual Selection INTRODUCTION Many human cultures have a way of determining the attractiveness of an individual. However, the actual traits used by observers to make judgments are not clear. Sexual selection is exhibited by most males and few females displaying costly behaviors. The parental investment theory states that the gender with a lower intrinsic value in reproduction is forced to compete for the attention of the other gender with the higher investment. The concept of good genes suggests that costly ornaments or behaviors are an indicator that the bearer has high-quality genes. This applies to animals like birds and humans. Facial parts which usually increase at puberty are used as facial cues to make judgments on attractiveness. The facial symmetry hypothesis is correlated with genetic heterozygosity among animals including humans. This form of heterozygosity is linked to parasite resistance which makes it an indicator of good genes. It is proven that facial symmetry is related to scores of facial attractiveness. It is also used as a clue for an individual’s characteristics regarding their personality (Thornhill and Gangestad, 241). Another hypothesis is based on the averageness theory where different photos of different people are compiled. The research concept presented by the author indicates that the attractiveness scored increased with the number of people-faces averaged together. The author (258) suggests that facial averageness is attractive because of its identification with heterozygosity. Facial symmetry hypothesis and averageness hypothesis are mutually inclusive. My personal hypothesis is

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