Karl Marx Theory Review Revised

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Karl Marx Theory Review. 1) What was the main theoretical point of the article The theoretical point of the article was to discourage capitalism and enhance communism (Marx 29). The text revolved around communist manifesto which introduced socialism as a natural result of the conflict’s characteristic in the capitalist system (Ritzer 24). The article illustrates the certain tendencies of self-destruction caused by the capitalist system. It took part in giving advice and acting as a catalyst towards developing the international workers in various ways. The main point, however, was to try and deviate the western powers from the capitalist system to the communist regime. 2) What did you agree with? I agree with the fact that capitalist is bringing self-destruction to the society. That is from the fact that capitalist brings to life two social classes (Marx 29). The classes comprise of the elite level and the ordinary people who are exploited by the elite class. The rich take the poor as their slaves and exploit them. 3) What did you disagree with? However, I disagree with the fact developed above that the rich will continue being richer and that communism is the only remedy to the capitalist (Ritzer 24). Every person should take the initiative to change the environment that he or she lives in and make it better. With the rich exploiting the poor, the poor should take an initiative and develop their foundation which will go a long way to setting a good picture and stopping the exploitation. 4) How is this theory similar or different than preceding theories? The theory is similar to the other

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