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Employee safety Student name Institution Date Question 1 Wavelength The wavelength can be defined as the acute measure of the length between two peaks that are identical to each other or through the low points found in a wave. It is related to frequency and it is usually measured in millimeters, kilometers, meters, and decimeters. Frequency Frequency is the number of waves that usually passes a fixed place in unit time. Sometimes it is also termed as the temporal frequency that emphasizes any contrast to angular and spatial frequency. Frequency is mostly used in physical sciences. Sound Pressure Sound pressure is the amount of pressure that is measured in a wave that is relative to all the surrounding pressure. Just like any other pressure, sound pressure is usually measured in units called Pascal’s. Sound wave pressure mostly corresponds to how loud a people hear the sound. When the sound pressure increases, there will be an increase of pressure in the eardrum and this makes the sound become louder to the person. Decibel A decibel is a common unit that is used for expressing the ratio in between two common physical quantities mostly the amount of electric power or acoustic. It can also be used to measure the loudness of a sound. Decibel is usually represented by the symbol (dB) Octave Band An octave band is defined as the amount of frequency band where the amount of highest frequency is double the lowest frequency. Question 2 A sound level meter is an instrument that is used to measure the intensity of music, noise and other forms of sounds. A common meter should consist of a good microphone that is used for picking up the sound and later converting

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