Journal Entry for a Limerick Poem

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Limerick poem was identified by Don Marquis. He identified three forms of limericks: those limericks that are told when women are present, those that are told when they are absent but the clergymen are present, and the limericks. This paper focuses on the journal entry for the following limerick: Once there was a young man called Bright Whose pace was much faster than light He went out one day In a virtual and relative way And came back on a preceding night This poem has an aabba rhyme scheme which means that the poem uses five lines with an “AABBA” rhyme scheme and explicit with funny and entertaining content. The poem visibly shows its anticipated audiences as well as the bawdiness and has amusing storytelling and straightforwardness of form. In essence, the poem is meant to be a lesson and carries a message to its audience. The audience, in this case, is mainly the young age group who are yet to figure out their destiny. The poem talks about a young man who tries to run away from his destiny and finds himself coming back to where he started. Essentially, this poem utilizes humor and simplicity to pass its message. The wording is very simple and easy to understand which also makes it easier to understand the message and the targeted audience. The form is also very easy to identify: the first, second and fifth lines have between seven and ten syllables while the third and fourth lines have five to seven syllables characterizing a limerick. In essence, it is very easy to identify the form of this poem and the audience it targets since it uses simple and straightforward language in its

Free Journal Entry for a Limerick Poem Essay Sample

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