issues in corrections

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Issues in Corrections Student’s Name Institution’s Name Abstract The United States of America ranks among the countries with a massive prison population. Having so many people in prisons leads to several problems. Some of the common issues in prisons notwithstanding their location are overcrowding: mental health care, gang activity, racism, and privatization. Chief among the problems highlighted, of concern, is healthcare and more specifically the mental health of prisoners). The USA incarcerates more people per capita than any other country in the world. One percent of the USA population is serving term hence depend on the correctional facilities for their health. People who society has failed to take care of due to their mental states, find themselves in prison where their condition gets exacerbated. Prisons accommodate two to three times the number of mentally ill persons in the outside world. It is clear that prisons have turned to be homes for the mentally ill persons. Some prisoners get incarcerated while sick intellectually, and others acquire the state of mental illness while incarcerated. Dangers associated with one turning into a person with a mental health condition in prison include cruelty from prison staff, solitary confinement, and physical abuse from other inmates. States and the federal government have turned a blind eye to the mentally ill persons who find themselves at loggerheads with the justice department. Keywords: mentally ill, prison, incarceration, health. Issues in Corrections The prisons are soaring each day all over the world. The United States of America ranks among the countries with a huge prison population. Having so many

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