“Is there a gene for loneliness” Guy Winch

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1. Is there a gene for loneliness? In the article “Is there a gene for loneliness,” Guy Winch explores the possibility of there being a gene that influences loneliness in individuals. He explains that this gene is responsible for how we perceive others and how we respond to them. Winch sets out to differentiate social isolation from loneliness and explains that social isolation does not necessarily mean that one is lonely as they only choose to limit their interactions with people. He says that due to heredity factors, an individual inherits certain traits such as defensiveness and hostility and this affects how they deal with those around them. The gene makes people develop pessimistic mindsets concerning their relationships, and this can lead to depression. The particular gene responsible for loneliness has however not been isolated but is said to exist in another gene, from where it is inherited. 2. Social Media, Loneliness, and Anxiety in Young People The second article tries to explain the relationship between social media, loneliness, and anxiety among the youth. Graham C.L Davey explains that ever since social media became a favorite tool for networking, the youth consider it a platform for building friendships and also provides a way of quantifying the number of friends that on has. Those who have few virtual friends find themselves “unsuccessful”, and they are likely to experience anxiety, loneliness, and paranoia. Easy access to information on social events provides the youth with a platform on which to gauge their popularity about their peers. When one feels that they are left out, they start to feel lonely and alienated from their peers. The article

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