Investigating Attitudes Toward Age Groups

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Student’s Name: Professor: Course: Date: Investigating Attitudes toward Age Groups A survey involving 10 participants was conducted to find out three words or terms that come into their mind when they think of the following age groups: children, teenagers, middle-aged adults and senior citizens. The following table summarizes the findings: Children Teenagers Middle-aged adults Senior citizens 1st participant Lovely (P) Playful (O) Inquisitive (O) Rebellious (N) Emotional (N) Unpredictable(N) Mature (P) Ambitious (P) Sensitive (O) Wise(P) Slow (N) Weak(N) 2nd participant Playful (O) Cheeky (O) Lovable (P) Emotional (N) Adventurous (P) social (P) Hard-working (P) Strong(P) Mature(P) Sickly(N) Weak(N) Dependent(N) 3rd participant Noisy (N) Manipulative (N) Inquisitive (N) Hormonal (O) Energetic (P) Risk-taking (O) Mid-life crisis (N) Family (O) Menopause (O) Lonely(N) Slow (N) Dependent(N) 4th participant Tender (P) Innocent (P) Lovely (P) Unpredictable (N) Rebellious (N) Emotional (N) Strong (P) Independent(P) Parents(P) Dependent(N) Wise (P) Less active(N) 5th participant Lovely (P) Innocent (P) Sweet (P) Energetic (P) Explorers (P) Maturing (P) Hard-working(P) Mature(P) Responsible(P) Weak(N) Less active(N) Sickly(N) 6th participant Sweet (P) Tender (P) Lovable (P) Emotional (N) Risk-seeking (N) Unstable (N) Responsible(P) Experienced(P) Mature(P) Lonely(N) Dependent(N) Less active(N) 7th participant Unpredictable (N) Innocent (P) Fragile (O) Emotional (N) Rebellious (N) Independent (P) Lively(P) Mature (P) Independent(P) Wise(P) Insightful(P) Lovable(P) 8th participant Sweet (P) Immature

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