Invasive Species Impact

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Student’s nameProfessor’s name Course Date Invasive Species Impact Years Zebra and Quagga Mussel (Density/m2) Phytoplankton (µg/ml) Zooplankton (µg/ml) Cladophora Biomass (g/m2) Foraging Fish (Kilotonnes) Lake Trout (Kilotonnes) 0 100 3 2 10 150 15 4 1000 2.5 1 100 100 10 7 2500 2 0.5 200 80 8 10 7500 1.5 0.25 600 50 5 13 1500 1 0.1 700 25 2.5 16 7500 1.5 0.2 243 40 4 20 5000 1.75 0.4 136 60 6 Purpose The purpose of this lab report is to determine the environmental hazards that are caused by the invasive species. Introduction Native species have important roles to play in every ecosystem. Some invasive species such as Zebra and Quagga can sometimes destroy an established ecosystem. The damage caused by most of these species are considered multilayer (Richardson, 216). Hypothesis Invasive species are a threat to the native species. They have a negative effect on the ecosystem. Methods By studying the data, it is evident that an increase in the population of invasive species interferes with the nature of the ecosystem. The data indicates that the invasive species affect the vegetation. When analyzing the data, it is clear that when the population of Zebra and Quagga increases, the population of phytoplankton, Zooplankton, Lake trout and Foraging Fish decreases, which is a negative impact to the ecosystem (Richardson 216). Results The result is a clear indication that the invasive species poses a negative threat to the ecosystem and environment. It supports the hypothesis. Discussion The study has shown that the hypothesis is true. The invasive species cause negative effects on the ecosystem. They affect and disrupt the tropic level and

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