Introduction to the Qualitative Research Critical Appraisal Process

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Introduction to the Qualitative Research Critical Appraisal Process Student’s Name Institution Introduction to the Qualitative Research Critical Appraisal Process Introduction Reproductive health is the whole physical, mental and community welfare in all matters concerning to the generative the reproductive scheme (Leonidaki, 2015). Also, WHO’s explanation regarding reproductive health climaxes precisely significance of an entity’s right in upholding their sexual health rank. Three fundamental erotic health principles are; capacity to relish and control sensual and generative behavior; freedom from disgrace, guilt, panic and other emotional issues that may damage sexual relations; and freedom afterward disease that inhibits sexual and multiplicative function. Birth control foremost objective is to find ways to stop pregnancy. Particularly, the pillar of the nursing practice is the extent of the principal reproductive health (Leonidaki, 2015). The effective methods of the birth regulator are abstinence, vasectomy sterilization in males and tubal ligation in ladies, intrauterine devices (IUDs), an implantable natal control (Leonidaki, 2015). Hormone-based approaches are oral medicines, patches, vaginal bracelets, and inoculations. Some examples of less effective methods; condoms, birth control squeegees and fertility consciousness methods which are physical obstacles (Granzow, 2008). The least effective approaches are spermicides and pull out method. Sterilization is the most current but permanent while all the others are changeable (Glazier, 2004). Statement problem Descriptive studies on contraception methods, their various benefits and draws backs to

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