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Effect of Adherence on Psychological Outcomes Name Institution Best practice in healthcare is based on empirically proven treatment modalities. One aspect of treatment that is presumed to yield better outcomes is adherence to treatment. However, this aspect of treatment has been emphasized in medication treatments. Patients across the spectrum of diseases have shown issues with adherence to treatment, calling for a need to investigate the factors that impede this adherence. On the other hand, there has been minimal attention on the health care effects of this adherence. Often, it is presumed that better adherence would yield better outcomes, there is no study indicating the extent of positive outcomes that would be derived from such behavior. The concept of ‘adherence’ in general medicine has received more attention, unlike in the field of psychology. Gonzalez and Williams (2006) indicated that the limited focus on adherence in psychological treatments is due to the varied approaches that are characteristic of these treatments. Unlike medicine, psychological therapy views adherence in reference to dropouts; yet, medication treatments characterizes adherence in terms of visits; hence, when conducting this study, it is important to operationalize the term adherence. The varied approaches; thus, indicate the different and inconsistent effect of adherence. As a result, there is need to conduct studies that will help to develop a standardized definition of the word. Also, most studies in psychology have examined adherence as an outcome of treatment, unlike the current study that aims to look at adherence as a predictive factor. There have been various studies

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