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Thematic Analysis Northern Ontario Health Care Students’ Knowledge and Self-Efficacy Regarding FASD During the interview, Kelly explores the status of health practitioners on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). FASD is a term referring to a variety of medical conditions in individuals whose mothers took alcoholic drinks during pregnancy. Kelly approaches the interviewee, Charlotte, by seeking to know what her understanding of the situation is. “So what are your first impressions of what’s going on here?” It is inferred from her admission she is a nursing student. “…I’m currently in my second year”. The following two themes are vivid from the transcript. Shallow Scope of the Education System It is evident that there is an apparent focal lightness on FASD during nurse training. When Kelly quips, “And so what do you know or what can you tell me about FASD?” her reply is she doesn’t know a lot. “I don’t know a lot.” This is despite her current stage in the program.”…but now it’s a 2 year program because it’s combined with a Master’s. So I’m currently in my second year. ” She again confesses to an ignorance of Canadian guidelines regarding FASD. “I didn’t know there was guidelines.” Additionally, Charlotte does project the time she is likely to cover FASD in her curriculum. “And I assume, I’m not sure, but I assume in second semester of our health assessment class we will learn about it.” Though hopeful, it is a testament that FASD is not majored on. However, there is an effort by health practitioners to share the information they acquire. “…that’s what nursing and health care professionals have to do,

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