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Crime Cure-Essay Draft Name: Institution Affiliation: Crime Cure-Essay Draft Abstract Gun violence has been a major problem in the streets of most cities in America especially in neighborhoods with a majority of its members being African Americans. According to BBC News, there were approximately 372 people murdered and 1807 more wounded through gun-related crimes in the year 2015 alone. There is a thus a need to address the issue of gun-related crimes. This essay describes a strategy organized by an organization in Richmond, California called the Neighborhood Safety Office to help reduce the rate of gun violence in the city. The group implemented several strategies to achieve their objectives; these methods included the following: a police-driven approach called a ceasefire, employment of street members as the group’s staff, offering money as an incentive to those who ceased to take part in gun violence. These approaches failed to achieve the desired results. The organization got through to one of the key members of the street and convinced him to become an ambassador for increasing awareness to city members about the dangers of gun violence. This strategy was successful in achieving the goals of the group; it has been emulated by other cities with similar problems. Review of the Article Introduction Section The introduction of the article presents gun violence a crucial area of concern in the city of Richmond, California. According to the author, this city was ranked ninth in gun-related insecurities in 2007. He emphasizes that the crimes were daily routines in other parts of the town. The thesis statement “Our mission was simple: to tackle this

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