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Hand Washing vs. Hand Sanitizer Name: Institution: Abstract Hand hygiene is a clinical measure for reducing the transmission of nosocomial pathogens. Hospitals face a challenge in adherence and compliance of hand hygiene which currently remains a major issue in the hospital environment. With the increased spread of information on the epidemiology of hand hygiene and compliance, improved approaches are recommended; policies and guidelines for improved standards have been revisited. This study will implement the Donabedian’s theory of quality health care evaluation for the outcome. Donabedian’s theory is ideal in this study because it gives a particular focus to practical strategies for raising the awareness of the patients as the primary clients. In addition, the theory guides in creating frameworks that will result in satisfaction based on the outcome of the proposed change. As such, factors to be addressed in this study will include; the effectiveness of advanced and improved hand washing procedure, supportive strategies in the nursing strategies and the recommendation for change (Grove, Burns, & Gray, 2014). Hand Washing vs. Sanitizer Lack of information and knowledge of the effectiveness of hand washing procedures without any form of additional properties on the type of detergent is a cause for compliance without outcomes. Further, the barrier to compliance may include skin irritation due to detergents that damage the skin. Hence, this will discourage the process of compliance for the hand washing procedure. Hand sanitizers are incorporate properties that protect the skin and minimize shedding of microbial. Improved Measures in Sanitizers Hand

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