Humanitarian Intervention

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Humanitarian Intervention Authors Name Name of institution Course Date Humanitarian intervention Humanitarian intervention play the role of intervening or stopping the violation of human rights in a given state, where a state is unable, or not willing to protect its people, or in cases where the state is itself actively violating its citizen’s rights. It includes military intervention, provision of humanitarian aid and international sanctions. Over time different interventions have significantly contributed to protecting human rights, however, with time the responses have been used by powerful nations and organizations to promote ulterior motives, such as financial gains, geopolitical control, and exploitation of natural resources in other sovereign states. Geopolitical agenda involving fights over control in territories by powerful states have seen conflict among such nations in intervening in countries with humanitarian needs. The disputes cripple the efficiency of the intended purpose, example the Syrian crisis which has seen a severe violation of human rights such as mass murder continue whereas Russia and USA continue to gauge on a fight of superiority. The incidence has seen the two powers support different sides of the conflict by equipping them with weapons. Therefore, the situation worsens whereas the two states continue to wage war on regional political control agendas in the region. The actions see the exploitation of the weak countries where the Countries of the north continue to exert their influence over the Southern nations and in spreading ideologies such as democracy and capitalism (Falk, 2011). Organizations use the provision of

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