How important is it to marry someone with the same religion?

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Name: Course: Institution: Date: How important is it to Marry Someone of the Same Religion It is important to marry someone who has the same beliefs as you do. Love is something that is found and built on same grounds. In Christianity for example, a man and a woman become one (Witte 46). However, some differences are acceptable in a relationship of a married couple such as different hobbies. Things much deeper such as the difference in religion are very much complicated. It is, therefore, important to accept marriage is more than just self and the couple itself (Dollahite et al. 344). Individuals have rules and laws to follow in every religion. It could be in the way of dressing, behavior and also followed dates for certain events. Sometimes even wedding ceremonies are not done in the same way for all religions. In the way of dressing for example, between a Muslim boy and a Christian girl would be troublesome. Muslim women put on Hijab which is a scarf covering the head and hair. They also put on long dresses and are not allowed to expose their legs and thighs. On the other hand, the Christian girl puts on anything she feels like. She is not allowed to put on indecent clothes like those worn by prostitutes. A Muslim man is unlikely to put up with a girl who even at his sight does not look appropriate for him. Having been brought in a Muslim family, he is taught the reason why girls dress the way they do and the importance of such dress code. Another, important point to note is that love might seem easy at first sight, but when couples get to engage with one another, they discover they are unfit for each other because of factors such as religion. Children born

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