How Colorado, Minnesota and Vermont Are Reforming Care Delivery and Payment to Improve Health and Lower Costs

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Reforming Care Delivery and Payment Name Institution Affiliation Question One The presence of a large range of methods that are used to offer services to the community is one of the ways that have shown positive results of the delivery and payment of the Medicare in the states. One of the methods which have been used is the approach that combines several medical homes with that of the community health care teams. The combination of these healthcare initiatives aims at the unifying health care budgets. When different healthcare centers combine, there are better services offered by those health cares, and also the payments done are reduced. On the same note, when there is a combination of the healthcare facilities, there is an expansion of health services, and also the presence of healthcare potential payers for the services offered to the public. The collaborative program aims at creating the medical beneficiaries for the health care organizations and the payers. The presence of the collaboration among the organizations leads to the creation of the network in different medical care in the regions within the state (Silow-Carrol, Edwards, & Rodin, 2013). The availability of the enrolment fee that has been included in the hospitals integrates the health care, and it also reduces the payments that are given since it acts as a source of investment in most of the hospitals and health cares in the organizations and the state at large. Most of the activities aim at improving the services and reducing the costs that are paid by the participants. When the amounts used reduce then, the participant experiences some savings as well as the organization as a whole, and this

Free How Colorado, Minnesota and Vermont Are Reforming Care Delivery and Payment to Improve Health and Lower Costs Essay Sample

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