How cell phones have changed communication

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Student’s Name Professor: Course: Date How cell phones have changed communication Introduction Advancement in communication technology has been one of the greatest success stories of the world. Handheld cell phones were introduced by Motorola Company in 1973 (Maggie N.p). The phone was big, heavy and expensive which made it difficult for people to access them. Through investment in research, their sizes and cost have been reduced. Smartphones with computer features have been developed in the recent times. The presence of cell phones has changed people’s lives through various ways for the better. Connecting the World The world is a global village lately which makes it necessary for ease of communication. Cell phones have filled this gap by providing a platform through which people communicate efficiently. According to reports by World Bank, three-quarters of people access mobile phones in the world. People from different continents can now interact and exchange ideas without necessarily meeting face to face. People can now talk with each other anywhere, any time and place. Improved Access to Financial Services Access to financial services had been a challenge to many people, particularly in the developing world. Banks used to charge exorbitant fees for their services which made it hard for people to save their income and access loans. The aftermath of the cell phone revolution enabled access to financial services by communication companies through giving of loans and sending money through their services. This cheap credit has helped poor people start small businesses and build homes. M-PESA is a mobile banking service that was introduced in Kenya and has

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