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Homily for the Fourth Sunday of Advent Year B In the fourth Sunday of Advent Year B, the Church invites us to reflect on the faithfulness and nature of God. All the readings for this Sunday point to the fact that God does not want anything material from the Christians. He simply wishes that they love Him, and He will henceforth give them everything they desire. In the first reading, David is moved by the fact that God has subdued all his enemies and given him a magnificent house to live in. He, therefore, wishes to build a similar house for God. From reading the history of Israel, we know that it is Solomon, the son of David who eventually builds the temple for the Lord. Interestingly, the Lord does not tell David that he should not build the temple for him. He only asks, “Are you the one to build a house for me.” In the exegesis that follows, the Lord does not admonish David for the desire to build a house but rather invites him to think about the nature of His companionship to the people of Israel. After conquering all the enemies, David reduces God to an image that can be pleased by houses of cedar and great wealth. However, this is not the nature of God. Instead, God wishes solely to be loved and to reside in the hearts of men. The readings for this Sunday present a God who loves humility and simplicity. In fact, this passage is often used alternately with The Magnificat. The Magnificat, which is a Mary Songs of Thanksgiving exalts the lowly and promises them the kingdom of God to them. Mary exalts the Lord for his goodness for he has provided for the poor and sent away the rich empty-handed. Mary, a simple handmaid from Nazareth, is chosen in her

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