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Student Name:Professor: Course title: Date Due: Introduction HIV is a human immunodeficiency virus that belongs to a subgroup of a retrovirus in lent virus group. This virus causes HIV infection which after a period of time progresses to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, famously known as AIDS. AIDS makes one’s immune system to be weak by destroying the white blood cells hence exposing the body to opportunistic infections. Once in the human body, the HIV virus progressively alters its genetic composition as summarized in the picture below: Transmission HIV/ AIDs is transmitted through various means which include; Sexual transmission; at this moment there must be contact with infected sexual fluids (genital, rectal, oral mucous membranes) which occurs when one engages in unprotected sex be it anal, oral as well as sharing sex toys with an infected individual. Blood transmission the risk of transmitting HIV through blood transfusion has greatly reduced due to increased technology in blood screening although it is eminent among IV drug users due to sharing as well as reusing of syringes that are contaminated with HIV infected blood (Facts, 365). Perinatal transmission is also known as mother to child transmission during pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. As illustrated above HIV trends in pregnant mothers and adults is reducing with time. HIV Treatment HIV still has no cure currently, but there are drugs which can be used to drag the progress thus prolong the life of the infected people. These drugs are called antiretroviral (ARV) which must be initiated as soon as one has tested positive in order to extend life, improve life quality

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