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Student: Instructor: Course: Date: History The Indian Removal Act refers to a document that was signed by President Andrew Jackson on 28th of May 1830. It contained an authority to the president to offer unsettled lands to the West of Mississippi, in return for lands belonging to Indians which were located within the state borders. Despite the fact that many tribes resisted, a few of accepted the relocation policy peacefully. The U.S government moved thousands of people Westwards, and many of them died on the forced march that later came to be referred to as the ‘Trial of Tears.' President's Andrew Jackson's message addressed to the Congress that of all the tribes in the state, two important ones had accepted the suggestions made for the removal of the Indians out of their settlements. This, therefore, had it that the remaining tribes should make a decision to comply with the rest, so as to gain the apparent advantages. The speech reflected the national sentiment of the particular period of time in the fact that, since the population of citizens in the state was high, then the act of removing a group especially the one with the majority of the citizens would actually enable reduce the population. Additionally, it could serve as a proper ruling strategy for both the state and general government, because implementing and regulating laws for such a smaller group of people could be easier and more effective. Considering the racial perspective of the speech, Indians occupied most of the regions both productive and developed in comparison to the rest of the tribes. According to the president’s message, it could be painful for the Indians to vacate the state, but

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