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To what extent did the Declaration of Independence define the foundation of American Government? In what ways was the intent of the Declaration of Independence unfulfilled? Please explain your views by supporting your perspective with the historical facts. In 1776, the Declaration of Independence ensured that some American states were salvaged from British rule and oppression. To be precise, the document was drafted on July 4th. It defined the foundation of America’s government because America also achieved its independence on 4th July. Through the Declaration of Independence, Americans enjoyed an equitable system due to this document’s affiliation with democracy and its tenets. By eradicating prevalence of dictatorial systems, it is salient that the Declaration of Independence was a significant document in founding the American Government. Even if the 1776 document led to democratic systems, its intent was not fulfilled holistically. Apart from fighting British rule, the document was also supposed to bring about equality and justice in America. Introducing democratic systems was, however, not enough for Americans to achieve equal treatment. Women were still considered inferior in comparison to their male counterparts. It is unfortunate that their social, economic and political lives were dismissed simply because they were female in nature. These instances are a clear indication of the document’s unfulfilling nature. It was unable to boycott discrimination against women, thereby, contradicting the efficiency of America’s renowned document, The Declaration of Independence. During the 18th century, women were not allowed to vote simply because of

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