HIM 350 Module Five Worksheet

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HIM 350 Module Five Worksheet Name Institution Using query language modes that are user-friendly like “fill-in-the-blank” techniques could be used to key in the name of the patient to retrieve their data and send it to the patient. However, the Structured Query Language (SQL) has more commands that with a little training can enable the finding, printing and forwarding of the patient’s information to the specialist provider (Herret et al. 2015). Alternatively, Oracle call interface programs could also extract data in the same fashion as an SQL query mode with additional programming. These two methods mirror each other in their versatility of commands while extracting data. A table-based approach within the patient’s profile within their domain in the database can provide various categories of information regarding the patient. The length of stay is calculated as the number of calendar days beginning from the day of the patient’s admission to their day of discharge. The time in the emergency room is added within this calculation as it involves both instances of acute or chronic care within the hospital setting (Herret et al. 2015). Length of Stay = (Number of days of the month when patient was admitted – Day of date of admission of patient) + Days of months in between + Day of date of discharge of the patient. 3. Total service days = 5,387 Total bed count days = 31 Therefore; = (5,387 ÷ 31) = 173.77 It is important for the specialist provider to comprehend the terms as defined and used at the institution to enable their enable their complete understanding of the data in all its forms absent of ambiguity in a manner that they can compare

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