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Website Evaluation Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Instructor Website Evaluation Resource: Orientation Link: Authority Who is the author? This article on sexual orientation was written by David S Reitman a renowned scholar in the health field currently teaching health-related courses in several universities in the United States. What is their point of view? David supports the idea that GLB (gays, lesbians or bisexuals) teens are somewhat similar to the non-GLB teens. However, as a result of social stigma or being rejected by the society, most GLB teenagers face quite many challenges, especially in their adolescent years. This in return exposes them to a greater risk of contracting STDs, substance abuse, suicidal attempts due to depression and much more. Purpose Why was the source created? This source was created with the sole intention of enlightening the society on the importance of treating GLB members like their normal peers so that they do not feel like they are rejected. Furthermore, they are also human just like anyone else. Who is the intended audience? The intended audience of this source is the public or else the whole society in general. It will also be of great significance to health researchers in the field of sexual orientation. Publication and format Where was it published? It was published in New York, NY 10014 395 Hudson Street, 3rd Floor. In what medium? The medium in which it was published is the Medscape official website through the Medscape Publishers Circle. Relevance How is it relevant to your

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