Gun Control

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Name Instructor Course Date Gun Control Outline Topic: Gun Control General Purpose: to inform Specific Purpose: To make my audience understand that there is need for stringent gun control legislations Central Idea: Gun ownership is good but if left unchecked it presents a harsh risk on the lives of others; especially, the unarmed. Introduction To be punchy and give an immediate understanding as to why gun control is fundamental. To include the main points to be discussed in the body of the paper. Body Origin of the love for guns in America Expound on the existing ownership restrictions Explain the existing State and Federal regulations Assert a need for gun control and solution of the menace Conclusion I will give a comprehensive summary and suggest a way forward. After understanding the essence of gun control in general, I focus on why it is a common menace among Americans. In particular, issues of restrictions at the Federal as well as State level remain pivotal to the achievement of successful gun control. More fundamentally, gun control is for the benefit of many than it is limiting in terms of the freedom the American citizenry have enjoyed since the legalization of gun ownership. Paper Gun control is undeniably one of the most fundamental concerns among the American population. Despite the longevity of the fears of gun violence, there is still a huge call to be made; especially, in the United States and other countries who legalize gun ownership. Whereas gun control has been explicitly made legal in the US by the Second Amendment, it must be realized from the onset that it does not grant unlimited rights of gun ownership. As

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