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Name Instructor Course Date Millennials vs. Baby Boomers As time passes, characteristics of the society also change, giving rise to new generations. Technological advancements coupled with changes in socio-political and economic dynamics of the social impact its trends and characteristics. These trends can be decoded by drawing an analogy between my generation and my parents’ generation. My parents were born between 1950sand 1960s, making them baby boomers. Compared to the millennial generation (my generation), baby boomers are different in several aspects. The first difference is visible in their communicative methodologies. While baby boomers depended mostly on conventional methods, such as letter writing and face-to-face conversation, to communicate, millennials use more advanced methods of communication, such as social media, computers, and mobile phones. There were telephone booths in the 1960s, but they were meant for public use. Only those who had financial advantage owned such booths. That is not the case in the modern society. Today, nearly everyone, including kids, own and know how to use a mobile phone to communicate. Lifestyle and cultural practices also paint a clear difference between baby boomers and millennials. Conventionally, parents used to make binding decisions regarding their children’s career and marriages. Also, people observed decent dressing codes, with cloths covering all body parts. In my generation, all these lifestyles and cultural practices are different. People have total freedom to make decisions regarding what they wear, whom they marry, and careers they pursue. Another outstanding difference between born 1960s and born

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