Generalized Axienty Disorder

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General Disorders Related To Anxiety Student’ Name Institutional Affiliations Date Abstract Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a condition in human beings that displays long term and excessive, unrealistic tension in individuals even on minor things. These individuals have high desires for money, wealth, as well as anything close to them. The condition is confirmed to exist in a person when the person cannot control their anxiety for about six months. The anxiety comes as a result of the negative thoughts that they maintain whenever faced by anything. It is, therefore, difficult for such individuals to have peace in their life due to the worry that keeps repeating in their minds. The prevalence of the GAD cases stands at 6.8 million in grownups. The figure represents 3.1% of the US population annually. The disorder has no exact cause known so far, though biological factors and the experience that one encounters in a lifetime have been associated with the cause of the disorder. The case comes gradually and is prone in young adults. General Disorders Related To Anxiety Anxiety is a descriptive feeling in which an individual is at an unease state, is extensively worried and nervous typically because of an event that is to occur imminently, and the outcome of this imminent event (Peter, 2013). The state of being anxious can be said to be natured by an individual; it is motivated by the repetitive result of events which will eventually make a person to be very anxious. “Cardiologists are interested in this disorder, because anxiety is a risk factor for major cardiovascular events” ("Generalized Anxiety Disorder", 2004). In this descriptive essay, I seek

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