Gender, Resources, and Local Institutions: New Identities for Kenya’s Rural Women

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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Gender, Resources, and Local Institutions: New Identities for Kenya's Rural Women Barbara Thomas centered her work on gender, resources and local institutions based on new identities for Kenya’s rural women. She argued that women are starting to redefine their personalities, roles, and the connotation of gender. The method entails reinforcing their logic of human agency through individual and collective feat with an emphasis on collaboration, struggle, and confrontation. On the same note, she alleged that in Kenya, women are progressively engaged in both activities to manage and enlarge resources, and in political and other social actions in the society. Therefore, this has led to the revival of traditional establishments and a creation of new formal edifices that are aimed at ensuring the survival of families in the periods of natural and pecuniary challenges. The author explored the theme of economic and ecological struggles and its implication on the issue of gender in Kenya and other countries in Africa. She claimed that the idea is necessary on the view of nature on the roles played by both women and men (Thomas, 10). Barbara asserts that at the local level, organizations are beginning to seek equitable development across classes, ethnic groups, gender, and generations. Barbara noted that the augmented engrossment of women is leading to a new logic of action, liberation and a formation of new acuities on the roles played by ladies. Many females are participating in groups and organizations so as to make the society hear their voice and enhance gender equality in the society. Thomas touched on the theme of

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