Gender imbalance

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Title:Student’s name: Institutional affiliation: A Research Paper On Reasons Why There Is A Gender Imbalance In The Workplaces The purpose of this research is to determine the reasons why gender imbalance exists in almost all the working places. I will perform this study by use of mixed approach of both qualitative and quantitative research methods. I would like these two because qualitative techniques will assist in exploring. This means that it will help in gaining an understanding of the primary reasons, motivations, and opinions to my research topic. Quantitative means, on the other hand, will assist me in quantifying my research by coming up with numerical data that will help me make an informed decision based on the sample results collected from the population (Brannen, 2015). The process of conducting my research will involve interacting with different people in different workplaces after which I will make an informed decision by applying the quantitative skills to the sampled data from the field. Data Collection Collecting of the data will utilize the qualitative procedures. In my research, I will make use of the following processes while noting the number of men versus women in all the areas studied. Direct observation. I will apply this method to studying people of different genders in different workplaces as they carry out their regular duties. I will utilize focus group by engaging small groups of employees in various institutions and locations have designed to conduct my research. Holding this form of technique requires a high level of skills to ensure that the data given by the group is very relevant to the research question. In scenarios where

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