Free Will and Determinism

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Name: Date: Free Will and Determinism There debate over whether human beings have free will has raged on for eons. Beliefs vary depending on things such religion and upbringing. Christians, Muslims, and most other religions believe that they have been granted free will to do anything they please by a higher being. However, they also understand that their actions have consequences and that they are judged based on them. For those who do not share such beliefs, the question that lingers is whether they do have a free will or whether everything that happens is ordered and predetermined. The latter is commonly referred to as fate, destiny or even karma. It is a conviction that your life and the things that happen are out of your control. The view that the universe orders our actions and that we have no control over them is referred to as determinism. Determinism comes in two forms; soft and hard. Hard determinism is an extreme form of determinism. The theory holds that none of us is free and that we do not have the luxury of choice or free will. Consequently, no individual can indeed act freely. Proponents of hard determinism argue that for human beings to be truly free, the decisions and choices they make (Campbell, O'Rourke and Shier 9) must not be predetermined or caused but instead, should be the result of choice. Therefore, free will means the ability to choose. For the hard determinist, free will does not exist for several reasons. For starters, the person making the choices would have to be a new creature. A creature that is unaffected by wants and desires because most of the choices we make are borne from these

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