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Name: Professor’s Name: Topic Date Frankenstein Mary Shelley depicted her prowess in writing through her famous novel Frankenstein published in 1818. The author started writing the excellent piece of work at the age of 18. However, it was not until the second edition published in 1823 in France did Shelley’s name appear. The first edition published in London on 1st January 1818 was anonymous. Frankenstein is a masterpiece with Gothic novel and Romantic elements. Besides, the book is an ancient science fiction piece of work. A clear depiction of themes in the fiction-horror book has helped it maintain its significance for 200 hundred years, thus proving it to be one of the best ancient books whose significance remains unwavering in an era of multiple books and works. The novel addresses various universal themes. The story is rich with ideas, and it depicts how knowledge application can either be good or evil. Besides, the book shows the impact of technology on humankind. After the initial anonymous publication, the novel acquired negative criticism. However, the story regained fame amongst novelists and reviewers (Brannstorm 5). The novel focuses on Dr. Victor Frankenstein, a young scientist who seeks to give life through his experiments. The experiments lead to the creation of a living creature. The doctor uses dead men’s organs to create the living being (Shelley 32). At first, Frankenstein's is sensitive and gentle as well. However, humanity fears its monstrous appearance, which forces the creation to keep away from the society. The monster is frustrated and angered by human’s behavior and seeks to acquire vengeance from its creator. As a result, the

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