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Name: Professor: Course:Date: Like with any other machine, there are a vast number of hazards that can occur in the life cycle of a forklift; starting from its production, through its use and maintenance to the disposal of the machine, machine parts or its other components. All parties involved at all stages should take precautions to ensure their working environment is safe for everyone present. This paper seeks to highlight the various hazards associated with the forklifts at different stages of its life cycle and how the risks can be managed or avoided entirely. It is imperative that the employees that are operating the forklift as well as other persons in the area to stay safe. Therefore, it is mandatory that all the workers and employees of a given forklift company should always brainstorm and establish precautions to observe when using or handling the forklifts (Horberry et al., 575). The hazards in the life cycle of a forklift can be categorized depending on the stage that the hazard may occur. The main categories of the hazards include production hazards, operation hazards, maintenance hazards, operation hazard and disposal hazards. Production hazards Production hazards include all the dangers faced by the workers and other personnel during the production of the forklifts. Forklifts are manufactured at different stages that is, some different parts of the machine are manufactured differently and then later they are assembled. During the production of the different parts and the assembly of the machine, employees face different risks, and different safety measures should be put in place to avoid or manage hazards (Horberry et al., 575). Below are some of

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