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Name Tutor Course Date Following Instructions: Seizures Brain cells communicate by sending electric signals, which then convert into chemical signals before passing to other cells through gaps called synapses. Thus, a seizure is denoted by uncontrolled electrical activity in brain cells (Carlson 550). Misfiring electrical signals can cause an abnormality in the signal transfer process resulting in a seizure (Carlson 550). There are different types of seizures. Their classification depends on the intensity of the seizure, the parts of the body affected and parts of the brain from which the seizures originate among others. Most people identify seizures by their physical manifestation. Common signs such as convulsions, stiffness, loss of control over limbs and losing consciousness are signs common with people suffering from epilepsy (Carlson 550). Such seizures fall under the grand mal or tonic-chronic seizures. However, some seizures are difficult to discern, even with physical symptoms (Carlson 550). Petit mal seizures, also known as absence seizures manifest by causing a sudden lack of awareness of surroundings. People experiencing the disconnection may appear disconnected and fail to respond to people around them (Carlson 550). In some instances, their eyes may roll back into their heads for brief moments. The symptoms manifest subconsciously, and most people do not remember the experience. Although the presence of pre-existing brain disorders in individuals increases their susceptibility to seizures, it is possible for such people never to experience a seizure in their lives, except in conditions defined by the presence of the seizures, as is the case with epilepsy.

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