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Classic English Final Name: Institution: Classic English Final Experiences, Influences, and Things That I Have Done to Improve My Writing As a writer, I have been influenced greatly by the works of other writers and particularly short story writers and article writers in newspapers. I have attempted to write several short stories, articles and read many books to improve my writing during this semester. Most Important Thing for a Writer to Know A writer should learn how to use short sentences and short paragraphs. The writer should also be competent to an authentic style to attract loyal readers of your work. With an authentic style, a writer develops a sense of writing that cannot be copied by anyone since he or she has mastered it completely. Lastly, a writer should learn to use simple and definite language to incorporate all types of readers. My Primary Strengths in Writing I have a great passion for writing and reading which exposes me to a lot of ideas. I believe that my keenness to detail is my primary strength in writing. It fosters an understanding that helps me in dissecting writing tasks as expected in the instructions or depending on the audience. What Gives Me Trouble When Writing My Assignments? I experience some difficulties in trying to keep my sentences short and precise due to the nature of some tasks. I also get trouble when trying to use literary devices to make my stories interesting despite the orderly flow of ideas. Strategies to Use to Be Successful I will engage myself in rewriting all articles and letters to gain more experience in paraphrasing and combining ideas to form a sensible sentence. I will also study more about other

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