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Name Institution Course Date Film Report-The Revisionary Introduction “The Revisionary” is a documentary film detailing the re-election of Mr. Don McLeroy, who was the former chairman of the board of education of Texas. It details the decision of the Board in the determination of textbook contents in influencing the American culture. The essay offers a divulgence views when it comes to looking at the attributes presented by the article entitled Non-overlapping Magisteria. The article details different inquiries presented by both religion and science in the teaching authority. The role of this essay is to elucidate on the presence of political wrangling present in the film, with concrete examples supported by the article. Overview of the Film “The Revisionary” represents the coverage of a transformative agenda of the state board of education in Texas in an attempt to revise the school curriculum. Much of the discussions contained in this quest is the revision of textbooks offered in the school curriculum. The suggestion is to the inclusion of religious doctrines in the study course aimed at converting most of the students into the Christian teachings. The storyline concentrates on the political ideologies presented by board officials of an education institution, with the presence of a few conservative members trying to introduce change. Their intention is for their ideological principles to be reflected in the curriculum. It is for this reason that there is the demand for the creationist language in a friendly tone for the advancement of the evolution of Christian teachings. All these changes are aimed at supporting the capitalist movement associated

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