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Annotated Bibliography: Feminist Theory Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Allen, A. (2015). Emancipation without Utopia: Subjection, Modernity, and the Normative Claims of Feminist Critical Theory. Hypatia, 30(3), 513-529. In this paper, Amy Allen asserts that the feminist theory is lacking the anticipatory-utopian and explanatory-diagnostic moments. Due to this, the feminist theory has so far failed to be truly feminist and truly critical. Nonetheless, the explanatory-diagnostic mission of assessing the operations of the gendered supremacy relations in both their intricacy and depth appears to be undercutting the very probability of liberation which the anticipatory-utopian task depends on. Amy Allen deploys this ominous paradox to invite the readers of this paper to rethink their understanding of liberation and the way it is linked to the dimensions of anticipatory-utopian critiques. The article asks if the notion of freedom is compatible with the intricate explanatory-diagnostic assessment of the modern-day gender domination which is entangled and intertwined with class, empire, sexuality, and race. The author of the article Emancipation without Utopia explores this question via an evaluation of two particular debates, about modernity and subjection that the paradoxical links between emancipation and power surfaced in specifically seemingly and salient intractable forms. By deriving on the celebrated works of author Michael Foucault, this article makes it blatant to the audience that the negative perception of liberation has provided the best means for the vital feminist theory to radically change the paradox of liberation and power into some productive

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