Feminism in Art

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Name: Course: Institution: Date: Review of Articles NEWSPAPER REVIEW The New York Times writer Hilarie M.Sheets wrote an article with the heading "Female Artists are Finally Getting Their Turn" in the New York Times newspaper on the 29th March 2016. Information in this section has shown great support for feminism in the art by stating various art instances and female painters. Similarly, female artists from the past have been so withdrawn in showcasing their artistic works in galleries, museums, and exhibitions compared to the modern female artists. Hilarie notes that Georgia O’Keeffe is among the artists who declined to give their work in Los Angeles for a pivotal exhibition. Moreover, he asserts that the 21st-century galleries, museums, and art exhibitions are featuring women themed surveys, gallerists, and surge custodians and therefore, raise their commercial potential, He further asserts that such empowerment is good, especially after the women suffered marginalization over the centuries. Important to realize, is that past exhibitions have resuscitated the careers of other. The exhibitions have helped the women artists dominate a niche and occupy a place in the largely male-dominated fields of art. This is widely shown by Gwen Chanzit who curates modern art at the Denver Art Museum (Sheets). Gwen’s work bases on her discovery of a cache of female artists to whom she referred to as women of abstract expression. The women exhibited in the major shows of the 1950s and included the likes Perie Fine and Judith Godwin. Ms. Judith Godwin said she never thought of being included in the human show supporting women artists due to the influence from guys who

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