Federalist No. 10

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Name: Instructor: Course Date: Federalist No. 10 The Federalist papers were a sequence of 85 editorials that were in support of the proposed American Constitution. These articles were written under the alias "Publius" by various authors predominantly James Madison and Alexander Hamilton who hoped to push support for ratification. The articles were published in New York, and they give one an idea as to what the framers of the American Constitution were thinking on a variety of issues as well as the primary reasons given by the Constitution's key supporters, the Federalists, in support of ratification. This paper will analyze what Federalist No. 10 entails and how it affects us today. The Federalist No. 10 is not only the most analyzed essay of the Federalist papers, but it is also considered to be one of the most significant political writings. James Madison wrote it and published in 1789 way before he became the fourth President of the United States. The 10th Federalist tackles issues of political factions, liberty and the degree in which the government should manage the issues brought forth by factions. Faction, as defined by Madison, was a group of individuals be it the minority or majority, who came together in support of common interests, passion, or united to protect and promote their political perceptions and economic interests (Hamilton, Madison & Jay 50). Factions in political explanation are disintegrating groups who hold differing opinions and ideas, for instance, in the US there are two major political parties: the Republican and the Democratic Party, however, there are also other parties such as the Socialist Party, the Green Party etc. Madison

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