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Name Professor Course Date Family and disability All major health-related disciplines use a __________ view of children – that each is interconnected with the other and the environments that they experience. Ecologic. T/F: While we know including families is best practice, it is not a federal law. False. What are the five potential outcomes of family occupations? Form a cultural foundation where children learn various contexts. Contribute in shaping children’s sense of identity. Enable children to master routines and habits that inform their well-being. Promote preparedness to learn and take part in educational programs. Foster readiness to take a place in the society and community. What family resource is defined as properties family members use to engage in a balanced pattern of needed and desired activities in a way that enables them to fulfill the family functions? Family resources. What family resource is defined as remuneration from productive activities that enable the family to acquire material things such as a place to live, food, and clothing? Financial. What family resource is defined as knowledge and skills family members bring to activities? Human resources. What family resource is defined as the minutes, hours, and days to engage in activities that enable families to fulfill their functional roles? Time. What family resource is defined as experiencing close interpersonal relationships during shared activities? Emotional energy. Name three of the six key concepts of a family system model. A family is an open system influenced by the environment. A family is holistic and more than each members abilities. Family system is

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