Family Cultural Intergenerational Analysis

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Family Cultural Intergenerational Analysis Name Institution ABSTRACT The world revolves around sociological concepts which shape up and simplify the activities incorporated in a society. Understanding how certain concepts portray themselves in society is fundamentally vital. Nonetheless, the African American society revolves around some concepts that define its extensive growth and its well-being over the decades. It defines a culture that has evolved, despite all odds, to thrive in a world that seems to demean their sole existence. Also, the article defines how the church has revolutionized the African American society and its power in bringing unity across races, inclusive of respect of color, background and significant diversities. African American Catholics have been part of the American history since their time of settlement, and their contribution to the church has been substantial. Most of them were initially of the Protestant domain but progressively transitioned to the Catholic religion. It is also essential to understand that adopting Christianity did not necessarily mean that one had to neglect their culture Family Cultural Intergenerational Analysis Multi-generational The society today fails to emphasize this concept since children tend to grow without any knowledge to whom they are related to, primarily through blood. In the African descent, families grow together and form unbreakable bonds. Families, as explained in the African culture, are units consisting of people, related either by blood or marriage. Nonetheless, these family units are expected to have children whose primary purpose is to maintain the lineage and to ensure the customs of

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