Factors affecting marketing strategy

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Factors affecting marketing strategy Name Institution Factors affecting marketing strategy 1. (a) When you walk to the Harmon Discount Hair Care, it is not easy to buy Harmon Hair Therapy Moisture shampoo since is high involvement product. Every consumer has achieved a certain status in life and has adopted a certain style of his or her hair, therefore, will have to decide on whether Harmon Hair Therapy Moisture shampoo will meet the standard. One thing about Harmon Hair Therapy Moisture shampoo is that is has a lot of ingredients which requires that the consumers apply it with a lot of care. Though it has different prices depending on the quantity, the product as well comes in different versions lie Nexus version and Mitchell version that will leave the consumer to choose on the best version. Its application is a bit technical where the consumer will have to rinse the hair using lukewarm water upon applications then the moisture conditioner. Thus the product is a high involvement one where the consumer will have to make some determinations before buying it. (b). Harmon Hair Therapy Moisture shampoo exhibit quite some perceived quality signals pertaining advertising intensity, price, and warranties. It comes at different prices depending on the version and the quantity purchased where 200 ml goes for $5.99 and 300 ml for $9.99. Thus the quantity will vary the prices. Harmon Hair Therapy Moisture shampoo has received very little advertising, but they have been doing very well regarding sales due to the low cost despite the fact that they come in different brands that would demand costlier price tags. The advertisement intensity has only limited to the website of

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