Facilitating Change in Health and Social Care

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 FACILITATING CHANGE IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE Author Course Professor University City Date FACILITATING CHANGE IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE Change is a process that most do not fully appreciate due to the effects it has on the society, with new ways of life replacing old ones. Baum (2016) defines change as the process of transition to something different from the norm. In healthcare, the primary focus is usually the welfare of the people, meaning that a vast group is considered, as such, the effects of change are varied and may impact people positively or negatively. Change brings about hope for a new lifestyle that provides new opportunities, while many feel that it may erode the past culture and increase the pressure in conducting specific duties. In healthcare, change is brought about by many factors, with the major one being government intervention and legislation. These elements each have their features that affect the people in healthcare services, and therefore, require to be managed well to ensure the delivery of health and social work services is conducive. Due to the many different reasons that bring about change, it is imperative to look into the external and internal elements that affect change in health care, and how they can be maintained to offer better services. Government actions and legislation are a major cause of change in the health sector. Health is usually a national government duty in most countries, with the provision of health services requiring national mobilization from different levels (Baum, 2016). This external factor is usually conducted due to public phenomena, with occurrences such as accidents and new diseases making

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