Exploitation Of Women That Become Victims Of Human Trafficking Revised.

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Exploitation of Women That Become Victims of Human Trafficking Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Exploitation of Women That Become Victims of Human Trafficking Human trafficking; a term used interchangeably with modern-day slavery which refers to the exploitation of individuals via the use of threats, force, abduction, coercion, fraud, and deception (Merry, 2009). In this, it involves the practices surrounding debt bondage, forced labor, domestic servitude, sex trafficking, forced marriage, child sex trafficking among others. Contrary to what many think, it does not only involve sex trafficking. According to a report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the majority of trafficked victims forming about 71% are female (girls and women) with the remaining one third being children. The 2016 UNDOC Global Report data based on gender established that girls and women are usually trafficked for marriage or to serve as sexual slaves (Warren, 2007). Women involved in commercial sex act due to being coerced, forced or as a result of fraud is considered sex trafficking. Sex trafficking cuts across all ages as there exists the commercial exploitation of children (CSEC). Other than sexual trafficking, women are also involved in forced labor which occurs within any form of labor or service. This is defined as the subjection f individuals to involuntary servitude, peonage, slavery or debt bondage (Kempadoo, Sanghera & Pattanaik, 2015). As expected, in all cases of forced labor, the individual works against their will with little or no pay or sometimes under the threat of some punishment. Trafficked individuals, mostly women, may be

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