Explain your personal theory of counseling as selected from the class textbook.

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Personal Theory of Counseling Name Institution Personal Theory of Counseling Introduction Personal development is an integrated process during which learning is an indispensable aspect. Notably, counseling comes out as an intimate aspect of learning. Based on this, as practitioners, it is obligatory to shed or eradicate stereotypes in attempts to become authentic persons in the development and integration of the therapeutic relationship. In this aspect, clients tend to experience substantive growth in the person-to-person connection. Evidently, counselors must avoid hiding behind the professional roles to ensure that clients do not hide from the person-to-person interactions or relations. There are various theoretical perspectives or approaches to counseling. In this context, the focus will be on the person-centered or client-centered model as a form of humanistic theory to counseling. Humanistic therapists tend to care most concerning the present and helping their clients in the achievement of the highest potential. Rather than spending energy on the past or negative actions, these therapists tend to believe in the optimization of the goodness of all individuals. The approach aims at optimization of the self-growth and self-actualization. Person-centered counseling theory/model Critically, the founder of this theory is Carl Rogers developed in the 1940s as a nondirective reaction against the psychoanalysis model or approach. The theory focuses on the integration of the subjective perception of the human experience, thus, prioritization of the need to offer responsibility to the relevant clients in the course of dealing with different concerns and problems.

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