Examine Your Barriers to Cultural Competence

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Barriers to Cultural Competence Name Institution Affiliation Barriers to Cultural Competence Similar to any other nursing practitioner working on my cultural competency has been a significant aspect of development. Fortunately, I do not have any barriers affecting my cultural competence, which can be attributed to specific reasons. Firstly, I have maintained heightened interest in understanding the influence of diversity and how a nurse can improve their competency by addressing the existing challenges. Therefore, I have read increased literature on cultural competence, applied the acquired knowledge, and used the existing information as a foundation for devising contemporary ways for addressing probable barriers. For instance, I understand that some of the most popular barriers affecting the cultural competency of nurses revolve around religion and spirituality, communication language barriers, family involvement in decision-making, and truth-telling among others (Clark, 2008; Cang-Wong et al., 2009). Given these predefined issues, I have made it a personal responsibility to identify the possible consequences of ignoring each issue and techniques and strategies to address them. Assertively, such interest and progress on the subject have made it easier to use both communication and knowledge in countering any existing barrier. Secondly, the nursing practice has multiple workplace stressors depending on a variety of properties and aspects. However, in the case of cultural competence, I have never viewed the barriers as physical and emotional outcomes emanating from the disparity between the demands of the practice and the degree of control nurses have in addressing

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