ethics in healthcare

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Name Professor Course Date The Accreditation Standards and Licensure comparison Accreditation refers to an assessment done whereby an organization is compared to the recognized standards of the best practice done through self-assessment. Accreditation standards require a third party to conduct the evaluation (Boulet et al., 78). On the other hand licensing is a process whereby an individual receives a license from the government to carry out businesses for instance counseling, social work as well as nursing. If any organizations, fail to get a license from the state, it may receive a penalty that may lead to closure or suspension of the agency. The difference between the federal licensing and accreditation is that federal requires that for one to start up a given business, he or she must apply for a license which is done by the state. On the other hand, private accreditation there is no licensing is required. The individual accreditation process just needs a third-party assessment (Boulet et al., 75). In the case of federal licensing if one fails to comply with the requirement may lead to suspension or closure of the business. In the case of private accreditation no fine or conditions. Both federal licensing and private certification are very similar in that in both there is involvement of an external body for the two methods to be acceptable. Secondly, the two process are legally accepted The difference between NCQA and the joint commission is that NCQA attends patient appointment both regular and urgent only when the organization closes (Boulet et al., 83). Also, NCQA uses the electronic methods only within a time frame when the offices close. On the other

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